On judging others.

Another Quote from Thomas a Kempis, the 15th century monk:

“In judging others, we expend our energy to no purpose; we are often mistaken and easily sin. But if we judge ourselves, our labour is always to our profit. Our judgement is frequently influenced by our personal feelings, and it is very easy to fail in right judgement when we are inspired by private motives” (Book I, chapter 14, p42)

Once again, Thomas a Kempis gets to the heart of the matter. I can’t think of the number of times that when I have harboured private judgements against others, when in reality my judgement is not fuelled by their faults, but by my envy, jealousy, pride or something else.


2 thoughts on “On judging others.”

  1. I enjoyed your posting with the scene from ER. I to question my thoughts on God. But to comment on this posting… Lately I have found myself judging people. I don’t know how to change my way of thinking. I find that it’s getting in my way, from work to my relationship with my daughter. I like the quote and your comment after.

  2. This is a big question and any reply on a blog posting will not be able to do it justice. It seems from what you have written that you agree with Thomas a Kempis’ quote about judgment often being influenced by our own faults, not the other persons. This is a great realization and the first step to addressing it.

    Do you have a Christian spiritual director, mentor of accountability partner that you can talk about these things with? It is by asking for God’s help and receiving support from other Christians that we can start to address issues like this in our own lives.

    Thanks for commenting.

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