Every week I and a few others run an ‘after school’ club for children aged 7-10. It is usually hard work. One of the things I struggle with the most is discipline – getting them to stop sliding around the floor, stop pushing each other off benches, and to sit down and be quiet for long enough to explain how to play a game or explain some thought about God. 

The kids certainly have fun, but I have wondered if it is worth the amount of effort we put into it? Does anything actually go in and stick.

Well, today, at the end of the session after a couple of games and a short drama, one of the children asked “How do we know God and Jesus is real?” Other children answered – the Bible, the nature, prayer – and we had quite a good discussion. Although they may not show it very often, they really do want to understand about God and how to do life.

Yes. It’s worth it.

One thought on “Kids”

  1. It is moments like that that make things worthwhile! Imagine if you are helping to empower the next Billy Graham or Joel Osteen! Keep the faith and keep working with them. You are doing a great service and bringing people closer to God. God has brought you there to help those kids understand and come to him. Keep up the great work!

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