The Bus

I don’t often wear my dog collar. Much of my work is informal and is made easier if I don’t. However there are times when a collar is necessary and a benefit as it clearly marks you out as from the church – such as hospital visiting or funeral visits. Because I don’t wear it often, when I do wear it, I am usually acutely aware that I have it on. It’s an obvious visual symbol of who I am and what I do.

Anyway, today I was driving along, a little late for a meeting when a bus pulls out in front of me. Not immediately in front – there was no danger of crashing, but enough to make me have to slow down and stop even when I had the right of way.

I glared at the driver.

Then I remembered I had my dog collar on, and I felt bad.

I guess I shouldn’t have, regardless of what I was wearing. If I can’t do something in a dog collar, perhaps I shouldn’t be doing it at all?

Just a little example of how easy it is to be two faced.


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