What’s your motivation? This image is on the website of a local health club. There’s three that I’ve seen, and I’m not sure I like their marketing strategy.

1. Because a new Girl has started at work and she’s hot.

We all know that attractiveness and looks are somewhat linked – not entirely, but looks have something to do with it. However, it is a mistake to think that improving yourself on the outside will make you more attractive – I personally find Parris Hilton unattractive even though she comes in a pretty package – there’s more to it than outside appearances.

The way to be liked is to be real – to find out who you are, be proud of it, I must like myself first. Find the source of your idenitity in something Real and Unchanging, not in something as transient as looks. (God helps us find out who we are). The inner peace and confidence that results leads to outer beauty. Sure – look good – but do it for you and not for someone else.


2. Because I could bump into my ex at any time

Like so many other things in society, this is blatantly exploiting fear. I know what it is like to split up with someone when you don’t want to. It can eat up at you for ages, especially when you don’t know why it ended. But the way to get over that is not to get one-over on them by looking good or making them want you again. This doesn’t eradicate the fear, and may only exacerbate it. Perfect love drives out fear.

So much of this stuff is linked to identity – where we find it, how we form it – and our personal self-confidence and self image comes from that – the answer to the question “Who am I?”. It is worth finding out.

3. Because I like exercise, but love chocolate.

I like chocolate too…


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