Life with a Mac

I just bought a mac. I’d been getting more and more frustrated with the Windows way of doing things – the constant freezes – how the system clogs up and slows down so quickly. How nothing is straight forward. So i bought a mac – a product designed with the user in mind. Everything is supposed to be fairly stratight forward, and easy to use. My mac hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m yet to find out about how it lives up to its promise, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Contrast this with Church. How useable is church? It is evident to first time users what we are doing, or is it filled with jargon than only PC users can understand.

This is the 6th Sunday after Pentecost
Your msn9234.dll needs updating.

As they walk in and are handed a sheet of paper saying the Lent groups are about to start, are told to stand and sing “I’m in that place once again” or “I’m falling on my knees”, is it clear what people are doing or why they are doing it. Are people actually “in that place once again”?
Even when we preach or talk amongst ourselves, how does what we way or do relate to real life. New churchgoers are only going to stay if our worship is useable. Does it make a difference to real life, is it understandable why we are doing things thie way. Does it connect with their lives.
This does not mean dumbing down services to the lowest common denominator, or reducing Bible input, but it does mean careful thought to how a service interacts with the daily life of newcomers and of regular attenders. People should’t have to learn our culture and vocabulary before they can fit in at church. If Christianity is relevant, which I beleive it is, we should make an effort to avoid jargon and help it connect with theirs.
Christianity: It Just Works.


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