Comments on the state of The Episcopal Church

On the Letter’s page of the Church of England Newspaper, week of 31st Jan 2007.

Sensible Views
Sir, How delighted one is to read some sense in your disappointing columns at last. It seems we now have a distinguished American who is able to present Jesus as a wonderful teacher and friend. We really must eradicate ‘root and branch’ this old-fashioned nonsense about him claiming to be god, and having ridiculous, mistaken followers who came up with the preposterous idea, not only that he rose from the dead, but can now become a saviour (ugh) and lord (how totally ugh).

I well recall having a great deal of trouble a few years back with an incompetent nephew, who signally failed to carry out my instructions. But I have every confidence in this latest hopeful who seems willing to become one of my recruits.

Yours in gleeful anticipation


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