Pluralism Rocks

Pluralism is often blamed for putting restrictions on what Christians can or cannot do or say. The recent British Airways Cross debate demonstrates one aspect of that. However, I recently came across a more positive aspect of what pluralism can do. This is great… this is what the BBC website says about Christianity. Apparently it hasn’t always said this, it was updated recently to reflect Christians real views.

The rules of a tolerant culture say that all opinions are equally valid, therefore all opinions should have equal (or proportionate) airtime. The rules of postmodernism imply that there is no single overarching truth, there for all ‘truths’ must be equally represented. Organisations like the BBC and BA inherently agree to run their businesses under these rules. Hence the cross rule for BA who can’t be seen to favour Christians over anyone else. However, they also can’t be seen to discriminate either.

Of course, as a Christian, I can’t agree with the implied rules of the culture, but I’m quite happy to use secular means to carry Christian truth.

What is interesting about the BBC article is their use of story. It’s not just a 12-point list of abstract beliefs but they give details of what it actually means to be a Christian – how it impacts lives.

I remember about four years ago a colleague said to me “As far as I can see, God doesn’t actually do anything.” At the time I was a bit flumoxed for an answer as we had already spent the best part of two years debating the relation between God and science. Rather than continue the abstract philosophical debate with a bit of apologetics, perhaps the best thing is just to demonstrate in person and tell stories of my own faith.

Maybe now is a moment for a bit of testimony sharing. What has it meant for me to be a Christian so far today? Well, I got up and read a chapter from Characters Around the Cross, about Judas, and was gently convicted of my tendency to focus on material things. I walked into college and prayed for a couple of friends, one of whom has just experienced a recovery (healing?) from a long standing illness. I heard a great talk in chapel about the promise of ultimate future and the final victory of Christ, which made me want to worship him. And I was greatly encouraged by some news from a colleague, that God had answered a long-standing prayer.


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