Christmas in America I

Flying tomorrow – America here we come!!!!! Show covered mountains, skiing, roasted chestnuts on an open fire, overly decorated homes, snow angels, starbucks gingerbread latte, snow people, “have a nice holiday!”, family, lots of sweet things, Christmas cantatas, and………

the land of the comedy license plates! Each state has a little slogan on their number plate, which is supposed to sum up the state somehow. For example, Missouri has “Show Me” because apparently Missouri people need to see evidence before they believe anything. Maine is “Vacationland” and New Jersey is “the Garden State” (it should be “The Strip Mall State”). I’m going to New Hampshire, where the slogan is “Live Free Or Die”, which is apparently what the nationalists shouted as they went into battle in the war of Independence. Hmmm… nice and welcoming for a Brit!

People also have little personalised messages on their licence plates too. Here’s a selection that I saw in South Carolina and New Hampshire over the summer – one is particularly proud of their stewardship!

This one is advertising their favourite psalm, seen in the car park of a Christian summer camp…

And this on the side of a breakdown vehicle. Perhaps if he’d walked in the law of the Lord he wouldn’t need his car?


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